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2016-17 Teacher Grants

What an amazing year! PEF's 2016-17 Teacher Grants totaled $184,000 to 160 Pasadena Unified School District teachers and principals, including 11 School-Wide Grants and 3 special awards. This year's award reception was held on December 6 at the Altadena Town & Country Club.

Science labs, iPads for mobile journalism, musical instruments, materials for a STOMP-style musical, expanded libraries, wireless language learning stations, outdoor classrooms with edible gardens and aquaponics, are just a few of the diverse and vibrant educational projects that the 2016 PEF Teacher Grants are supporting.

Thanks to support from the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association, College Football Playoff (CFP) Foundation, and the generous support of the community, for the first time in the more than 40 years of the Teacher Grants program, PEF was able to award grants funding to every PUSD school. The grants will benefit thousands of students in Altadena, Pasadena, and Sierra Madre.

This year, like every year, we are awed by the creativity and passion that our PUSD teachers and principals bring to their classrooms.

Here is the full list of 2016-17 PEF Teacher Grants and School-wide Grants.


Ana Maria Apodaca
Celebrate Me!

Jack Loos
Cardio-Square Outdoor Fitness Program

Debra Lucas
Rita Exposito
Open Doors to Spanish Literature
Mark Anderson

Weight Room

Jennifer Smith

Instrumental Music for All

Merle Bugarin

Integrating Arts and Literacy

Brian Stanley

Rose City Library
Lindsay Lewis

Makin' Rain at SME
Karrone Meeks

Exploring Our World through Virtual Reality
Sarah Rudchenko

Wilson Drum Corps.


Jarratt Brunson Memorial Award For Literacy

Honoring the late Jarratt Brunson, the PEF founder who initiated the Teacher Grant Program, this award will go to the proposal that best reflects Jarratt's passion for reading and early literacy.

Little Free Libraries
Kathryn Marquez, Teacher Jefferson Elementary School

Kathy Onoye Principal’s Award

Awarded to the PUSD principal whose proposal best exemplifies a principal’s role in inspiring staff and students by Kathy Onoye, who, as the former principal of Willard Elementary School and most recently the PUSD Executive Director for Elementary Education, is an outstanding role model and mentor herself.

Rose City Library
Brian Stanley, Principal Rose City High School

Calvin Hunt Arts Education Award

Founded by a PUSD Board member in memory of Calvin Hunt who, as Director of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, took dancers all over the world as cultural ambassadors. This award promotes and supports dedicated teachers enhancing arts education in PUSD.

STOMP the Eliot Yard
Karen Klages, Teacher Eliot Middle School

Stagecraft For Middle School Students
Roger Gray, Teacher McKinley School


Altadena Elementary
Hands on Balanced Literacy Fun!!
Regina Major

Learning tools for Balanced Literacy   
Ashley Wevv   

Blair IB School
String Inventory Expansion
Michael Birnbryer

IB Music Text
Amanda Engstrom

You Are a Writer
Christine McLaughlin

Libros en espanol for the Spanish Dual
Language Immersion Program

Elizabeth Najera

Whiteboards for Language Learning
Alicia Tito

Trigonometry and Ferris Wheel
Kieu Voong

CIS Academy
3D View of Some Highrise Building
Robert    Daravi   

Cleveland Elementary   
Hands On Learning Tools and Resources
for Kindergarten

Christine Chang

Learning Together
Dominguez Margarita

Active Engagement Utilizing Spatial
Reasoning Skills   

Dawna Tully, Margarita Dominguez, Christine Chang, Ana Tejada, Joni Clark, Beth Burleson, Jeff Bracamonte

Don Benito
Lights, Camera, Action!
Jessica    Diaz

Full STEAM Ahead!
Heather Huezo

Classroom Oasis
Christine Sandoval

Language Arts Supportive
Materials and Literacy Practices Project

Dorothy Sortino

Everyone Loves Listening to Stories!
Sandra Watson, Nancy Hernandez, Jessica Diaz, Diana Morrison, Kristina Andrews

Eliot Arts Magnet
Adjustable Height Basketball Hoop
Charles Chandler

STOMP the Eliot Yard
Karen Klages

Our Kids Rock
Robert Moya

Library Books in Mandarin
Anqi Deng

Field Elementary School
No Strings Attached (Listening Station)
Emily Fang

Mandarin Reading Literacy
Ya Ning Kuo

Kinesthetic Practice of Math
April Wu

PE Equipment
Muchen Yang

Chinese Reading Books
Shu Zhang

Mandarin and Math Learning
Stations Supplies

Yuann Zhao

Focus Point Academy
Rebecca Carr

Read to Believe
Anthony Williams, Michael Bell

Franklin Elementary School
Enrichment in Education for Everybody
Jennifer Boynton, Rebecca Rico, Tracy LaCorte, Jose Guzman, Olivia Tu, Carmen Luna, Delaney Gore

TK Classroom Developmentally
Appropriate Learning Environment   

Tina Bell

Balanced Literacy Book Nook
Gretchen Elm

Cozy Classroom Book Nook
Melissa McClintock

Desks Be Gone
John Newell

Music for Franklin
Grecia Serrano-Navarro

Hamilton Elementary
Our First Musical
Jana Cole

Jackson Magnet STEM
Dual Language Academy

Spanish Leveled Library / Life Cycle
Veronica Alcantar

Creating Balanced Choices for Readers
Karen Anderson

Classroom Ready for Balanced Literacy
Debbiie Ayala

Raising a Reader
Sandra    Bañuelos

Cooking and Nutrition Classes
Siri Boothby, Rachel Black

The Flexible Classroom: Implementation of Flexible Classroom Techniques to Improve Student Achievement
Olivia Cardenas

Flexible Seating Plan to Improve Academic Achievement and Student Engagement
Amanda Haddad

Spanish Leveled Readers
Byanka Haro

Flexible Seating for a 21st century classroom
Rocio Iida

Tina Minkler

Balanced Literacy Resources
Ashley Nava

Engaging Balanced Literacy Centers
Karla Romero

Leer Para Suceder
Julie Silk

Literacy Development with STEM Integration
Diana Suarez

Working with Words
Xiomara Tovar   

Using Manipulatives/Games for Hands-On Understanding of Math Concepts
Kimberly Winckler

Jefferson Elementary
Little Free Libraries
Kathryn Marquez

John Muir High School
Muir Sea Ranch
Mud Baron

Integrated Math 2 Classroom Calculators
Ryan Flores, Beverly Rodriguez

Inspirational Banners
Cynthia Lake

MoJo Backpack Project
Andrew Silk

Graphic Design and Film
William Abanyie

Longfellow Elementary
Literacy Through Listening
Kristin Fasana, Cheryl Hinojosa, Joane Muro, Carolyn Brown

Listening to Reading
Carol Parker, Patricia Giberson, Denise Godinez, Emily Brink

I am a Scientist!
Karina Veas


Madison Elementary
Balanced Literacy 3rd Grade Project   
Marlene Pech

Engaging in Balanced Literacy   
Briana Kather

Making Word Work Fun
Merina Myklak, Cynthia Macias, Mellason Chidester, Kai Venable

Balanced Literacy: Flexible Seating and the Workshop Model
Alexandra Campos

All About Math!
Chelsea Eshnaur

To Fall in Love with Reading and Writing
Janice Khorozian

Science Lab
Katrine Lalaian

Lifelong Movers
Stephanie Norton

Balanced Literacy Classroom Library
Meghann Nuno

Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader: Providing Reading Resources for all Leveled Scholars
Melissa Rodriguez

We Love Writing
Debora     Zecena-Rubio

Marshall Fundamental
Choose to be kind:  Wonder by R. J. Palacio
Marjorie Keith

Orchestra (Instrumental) Program
Claire Haesang Park

Iconography Today
Yvonne Ramsey

"Marshall Tile Mosaics Project"
Daarina Abdus-Samad 

McKinley School of the Arts
Stagecraft For Middle Students
Roger Gray

Here We Go Writers
Denise Laing

Voice and Choice in a Workshop Classroom
Jessica McFall

Reading Workshop Library
Lauren Partma   

McKinley Green: Outdoor Classroom & Garden, Phase I
Beth Strehl, Martha Tovar, Sheila Miller

Number Literacy: Multiplication and Division Fact Curiosity Bait
Jennifer Synold

Building a Reading Life
Kristin Vigil

Pasadena High School   
Graphing Activities
Janelle Juarez

Dance Training and Performance Necessities
London Outlaw

"Let's Get Moving"
Ana Paik

PUSD Health Programs
Science Projects for Medically Fragile Students
Annie Draeger

Roosevelt Elementary   
Workshop-Based Classroom: We are Ready to Differentiate!
Patricia Ortiz-Rubalcava

Hurdle to Health and Fitness
Bryon Lanagan

Rose City High School
Who do you think you are? 2.0 DNA Project
Michael McNeely, Adriana Lopez

Tools That Teach
Christopher Tolosa

San Rafael Elementary School
Right Book at the Right Time
Veronica Parra, Katia Zavatsky, Stephanie Vidal

Literature Circles and Cafes
Marta Rosales, Nancy Mena

Sierra Madre Elementary
25 Math Books for SME Library
Julia Cole, Debbie Henderson, Library Coordinator

Four Strings For Kids
Jane Devlin

NGSS Journeys through Literature
Carolyn Halpern

Bringing Science and Math To Life Through Cooking.
Yolanda Munoz

The Skies the Limit!
Suzanne York

Sierra Madre Middle School
Expanding Our Middle School Garden!
Gina Davis

Ravi Dev Anadhan

Career Connections in the SMMS Library
Grace Luces-Herrera, Debbie Henderson, Library Coordinator

Dynamite Student Participation Tool
Daniel Martinez

Further Expansion of SMMS Music Inventory
Amy McLean

Family Science Night
Christine Mitchell, Matthew Brooks, Leya Douglas

Washington STEM Elementary Magnet
Start to Finish Creativity - STEM and SAMR Model in ELA
Katherine Mickelson

STEM Literacy Libraries
Datevik Afsharian

Washington STEAM Magnet Academy
Sweet Charity
Cynthia Abbott

Webster Elementary School
Materials for Balanced Literacy Centers
Dana Jones, Denise Johnson, Miriam Rivas
Studies Weekly
Helena    Alves, Angela Chavez, Laura Cambrelen

Willard Elementary
Learning Through Art
Lorena Bugarin

Project Based Learning on Rocket Building and Launching
Armando Mayer

Wilson Middle School
Flexible Seating Supplies
Marian Pena