A Thief in the Park

Imagine a time without Netflix or live movie streaming; a time when you had to run over to the neighbor’s house to ask if they wanted to play instead of sending an instant text message. Take a trip back to the early 1900’s with some of PUSD’s 4th and 5th graders from San Rafael Elementary.

These two films, starring students from Mrs. Leon-Didion’s Spanish Dual-Language Immersion class, was made while on a tour of the Pasadena Museum of History through the Pasadena Educational Foundation’s My Masterpieces: Discovering Art in My Community program.

At the museum students tour the beautiful Fenye’s Estate, learn about landscape and sketching, and act out a silent film. In the classroom, students do a study on Eva Scott Fenyes and the lives of women who helped build early California, practice portraiture, research the rapid immigration and internal migration of America, and create a landscape painting with one vanishing point.

Click the image above to play!

Click the image above to play!


The movie was made with the online simple editing website – magisto.com

Using just your camera phone and live editing, you can upload your videos, free, and make your own videos at home. Try it and send us the link.

This extraordinary program would not be possible without wide community support.

Thank you for continuing to support arts in our PUSD schools. You make a difference.

by Ellen Lewis
My Masterpieces Program Coordinator