Individual Donors (2011-12)


Thank you to all who support our PUSD Schools!

Richard E. Davis
Shawn and Jennifer McCreight
Wendy Munger & Leonard Gumport

Guilford and Gwen Babcock
Adelaide Hixon

Anonymous (2)
Maureen and Robert Carlson
Marcia Goodstein & Bill Gross
Peter Kaufman
Kimberly Kenne & Richard Bryan Webster
Molly Munger & Stephen R. English
Mary Lois Nevins
Dr. and Mrs. Warren G. Schlinger
Beth and Tom Tubman

George and Marilyn Brumder
Tim and Karen Burgess
Alan and Jean Fohrer
Tammy and Tim Godley
Jasmine Khachatrian
Maria Khader & Chris Karp
Harvey and Ellen Knell
Ms. Marge Leighton
Steve Madison & Annalylia Sanchez-Madison
Barbara Nyberg
Ms. Kathy Onoye, Ed.D.
Jacqueline Samols & Jay Krieger
Jorge A. Sandoval
The Tcheng Family

Sara and George Abdo
Arden and Charleen Albee
Anonymous (2)
Michael D.  Antonovich
John and Laura Babcock
Olin and Ann Barrett
Michael and Lisa Blanchard
William and Claire Bogaard
Stephen and Jane Bradford
Valentina Brasini & Trent U. Smith
Carrie and Paul Breton
Jane and Catherine Caughey
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Checca
Catherine Cheney & Barry Jones
Noble and Eleanor Coker
Michael and Natasha Comer
Carole Cunningham
Ab and Janet Davis
James F.  Dowd, IV & Jill C. Olsen
James and Gail Ellis
Dierk and Ruth Esseln
Joan and John Fauvre
Laura Finch
Jean Fleming
Jonathan Fuhrman & Susan E. Kane
Paul Garnett & Jill Brooks-Garnett
Ms. Beth Gertmenian
Gloria and Robert Giersbach
Sharon E. Girdner
Patricia and Kenneth Glazier
Mr. and Mrs. Gregg B. Goodwin
Corey and Robert Hegger
Mercedese Hervey
Dorothy and Lathrop Hoffman
Paul T. Hunt & Gina Frierman-Hunt
David Igler & Cynthia L. Willard
James and Olga Kendall
Lisa and Christopher Kersting
Valerie and Michael Kronsburg
Lisa C. Krueger & Bob Wyman
Danny and Gloria Kurose
Dorothy and Linda Lawyer
Timothy and Letty Leifer
Carol Liu & Michael Peevey
Linda Machida & Geoffrey A. Grundy
Chris and Alice McCann
Olive J. McCloskey
Janet Michaels
Michael R. Miele & Anne L. Esbenshade
William and Janet Morris
Don and Wynne Mullinax
Robert and Margarita Munoz
Farahnaz Namvari
James and Dawn O'Keeffe
Ellen O'Leary & Jeffrey Plaut
Jennifer and Eric O'Rafferty
Ray Owens & John Van Horn
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Palmer
James and Theresa Patterson
Peggy Phelps
Elizabeth Pomeroy
Jim and Anne Rothenberg
Thomas Rzeszut & Lisa Uribe
Gail Samuel & William Christian
Ted and Lori Samuels
Maria Lynn Santamaria
Lorraine and Joseph Saunders
Ms. Fran Norris Scoble
Mrs. Terry Seidler
Margaret Shoemaker & Andrew Nakane
Dr. and Mrs. S. Robert Snodgrass
Gregory P. Stone & Cindy Vail
Thomas and Elayne Techentin
Carol and Bill Thomson
Mary and Gary Tinsley
Samantha and Tim Vocelka
Robert and Diana Walker
George Way & Maria Low Way
Jeffrey N. Weitzel & Mary Pauline Morin
Greg and Laura Zeronian

Jim and Karen Albanese
Noka and Geneva Aldoroty
Sylvia and Ben Amendolara
James and Kristen Annes
Anonymous (3)
Susan Lio Arcaris
Jeffrey and Denise Arnst
Arsen and Gayane Arutunian
Sue Auther
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Banning
Sally Barngrove & Tom Gertmenian
Richard and Nancy Bechtolt
Alyson Beecher
Charles K. Bell
Lisa and Doug Bloom
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Boardman
Mr. James Boyle, Jr.
Erik and Andrea 
Louise and John Brinsley
Cynthia D. Brittain
Mr. and Mrs. Neal H.  Brockmeyer
Mrs. Shirley L. Burt
Scott Carden
Gerald and Patricia Carpino
Miguel and Luz Ceja
Kristin and Juan Ceva
Jean-Lou Chameau & Carol Carmichael
Ken Chawkins & Linh Lan Nguyen-Chawkins
Congresswoman Judy Chu
Al and Sue Clark
Richard and Gloria Clark
Walter and Zan Cochran-Bond
Livia and John Consedine
Patrick J. Conyers & Angela R. Morales
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Conzonire
Diane and Michael Cornwell
Bill and Linda Creim
Alison and Robert Curtiss
Matthew Dalany & Mariana Robles-Dalany
Peggy Dark
Craig and Frances Dayman
James and Debra DeBose
Robert and Carolyn Denham
John Dennis & Deborah Mayberry
James and Jacqueline Digiovanni
Mary Wong Donoghue
Patricia and Thomas Ellison
Richard and Nancy Esbenshade
Mary and James Evers
Frank and Susan Favela
Sue and Jim Femino
Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Frank
Lisa Freeman-Panzarello
Sid Gally
Susanna Garcia
Kristie and Rob Garner
Mr. Daryl W. Gerwin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Gillespie
Dr. Richard C. Gilman & Ms. Michele M. Clark
Susan Go
Jennifer Gold & Christian Redfearn
Galen and Dee Ann Gornowicz
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gowe
Edith M. Grady
Melissa and Brad Griffin
Teresa and Jeffery Griffith
Janet Gutyan
Dana Hart & Jeff Simon
James Hayes & Catherine Keig
Jim and Ginny Heringer
Ann T. Hight
Brad and April Hixson
Ed Honowitz & Ellen Pais
Bryan and Jill. Horsman
The Hughes Family
Bill and Sally Hurt
Noah Johnson
Curtis Ray Joiner, Jr.Jennifer Kalil
Cheryl J. Kane
Ian and Laura Kaufman
Judy and Neil KleinmanJacqueline D. Knowles
Gale Kohl & Rene Chil
Jenny Krestow & Christopher Burns
Eric and Stephanie Krystad
Pat and Lowell Lachelt
Vincent and Sesilia Song Lee
Alice and Daniel Loo
Larry and Margaret Lousen
Al and Rose Marie Lowe
Dmitri and Kimberly Lunetta
Helena Mao
Kelle L. MaroeDiane and Craig Martin
Samuel and Traci Martinez
Joanne and Gene Masuda
Scott and Patti McGlasson
Don and Nancy McIntyre
Emily and Scott Mencken
Diane and Tyler Miller
Lawrence J. Minasian
Michael W. Monk & Janet Bogle
D. Harry Montgomery
Larry and Petite Morrison
Dr. and Mrs. Arnold Mulder
Ann Munger
Patricia M. Munoz & Thomas F. McNamara
Cambria Nakane
Denise Nelson Nash
Daniel J. Nausha
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Nelson
Ray and Eddie Newman
Tom and Mariann Nolan
Lawrence and Christine O'Brien
Jane and Ron Olson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Persico
Denise Petitfils
Margaret T. Phelps
Scott and Lisa Marie Phelps
Elena Phleger & Thomas Henry
Filippo and Elisa Pirrone
Tanya and Brannin Pitre
Barry and Johnna Plaga
Glenn and Carol Pomerantz
John and Shannon Quinn
Guadalupe Ramirez & Maria Lynne Anderson
Robert and Joanna Reagan
Reverend & Mrs. George F. Regas
Debby and Bill Richards
Dany and Mike Richey
Rey and Vivian Rodriguez
Karla and Mark Romero
The Sagara Family
Asma Jasmine Saraj & Ryan L. George
Melanie S. Sauer
Kurt and Jennifer Sayenga
Michael and Diane Scott
Margaret H. Sedenquist
Michael and Ute Severa
Richard and Laura Snyder
Mr. Phil Sotel
Dana and Jonathan Spaulding
David Spiro & Richard Ramos
Steven and Helen Stapenhorst
Bill and Peggy Still
Michelle and Ray F. Swift
Fabio Tesei & Leslie W. Jasperson
Michelle and Alan Tierney
Larry and Monica Tomoyasu
Jane L. Trotzenberg
William and Susan Tully
Yosufi and Edith Tyebkhan
Sid and Betsey Tyler
John and Andrea Van de Kamp
Katherine and Warren Wimmer
Fon S. Wong & Deborah Holmes-Wong
Chris and Barbara Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Sebastian Zacharia
Joe and Marilyn Zeronian

Jane and Manny Abascal
George and Helen Abe
Mark and Kerri Abernathy
Michael D. Allen & Laura M. Diaz
Ana Maria Apodaca
Marshall and Paul Ayers
Alexander and Carole Babcock
Urte and Donald Barker
Sam Benihya
Diane Christine Blackman & Brett Maurer
Sharon Bonner & Mark Mastromatteo
Lisa and Patrick Brault
Constance Breece
Mary Anna Bresnahan
Claire and Brad Brian
Jarratt L.  Brunson
Merlin W. Call
John and Ginny Carr
Linda Susan Centell
Gaylaird and Gayle Christopher
Jackie Clem & Christopher Whiting
Wendy and Don Cobleigh
Shirley and Marshall Cohen
Julia and Tod Cole
Rebecca and Nick Costantino
Scott and Erin Davidson
Brian and Maria Decker
Fernando and Kelly Delgado
Stephen and Karen Delgado
Johari DeWitt-Rogers & Paul Rogers
Barton Doyle
Claire and Patrick Dunavan
Susan Duncan
Marc and Mara Dworsky
Melinda Eades
Kunihiro and Midori Eguchi
Barbara Ehrlich & David Crochetiere
John and Aileen Finch
Lauren Frankel
Matthew and Eleni Gallagher
William and Brenda Galloway
Jim and Priscilla Gamb
Zewdu Yitagesu Gebreyes & Mary Mismak
Meg and Don Gertmenian
Jill Girod
Rob and Juliet Goff
Nancy and Jim Goodell
Deborah and Robert Graff
Valerie J. Grant
Margie and Paul Grossman
Linda Vogel Hargrove
Jennifer and Michael Hartley
Charlotte Sloane Hayden
Kirk and Karine Helgeson
Sarah Brecht Hicks
Susan and Kenneth Hirano
Sally Louise Hoover & Jerome W. Nilssen
Marguerite Hougasian
Sergio Huidor & Sonia N. Morin
Bruce and Betty Ann Jansson
Alison and Chris Jernegan
David Johnson & Mary-Erin Crook
Doss Jones
Eric Jost & Tracey Sugihara
Laura Kalayjian
Jane and Harry Kawahara
Marilynne KennedyMs. Patricia Ketchum
Ji Han Kim
Karen Klages
Lynne Kornmann
Kelly and Brian Kriebs
Carol Dianne Lande
Starla Lang & Naomi Zapata
Robert and Melinda LeMoine
Timothy and Cynthia Lewis
Jonathan and Angela Light
Jose and Jessica Lim
Erin B. Lindsay & Samantha J. Westcott
Gail and Sam Losh
Peter Maduro & Hailyn Chen
Massimo Maiorino
Kathleen Makarewicz
Melinda and Jaime Marquez
Andrey and Nelli Matsko
John and Dorothy Matthiessen
Toni and Craig Mazaros
Margaret McAustin
Julia McCallin & Kevin Strotz
Karen and Samuel McRoberts
Lary and Mary Anne Mielke
Ramon Miramontes & Guelsy Gomez
Terrence Moore
Raymond J. Morton, Jr.
Ms. Regenia P. Moses
Mei-Lee Ney
Gregory and Denise Norden
Richard A. Nowak & Sheri L. Castro-Nowak
Ms. Angelita Mont O'Brien
Dale and Ayako Okuno
Fern M. Oliver
Jeffrey and Tricia Oliver
Mr. Eric Olson & Carol K. Broede
Martin and Katrina Ortega
Jenny Owen
Carla Pablos-Vazira & Homer Vazira
Charles Park
Steve Perry & Christine Madsen
Vahak and Alice Petrossian
Bill and Christy Rakow
Paula Rao
Eileen and Charles Read
Ann Rector
Mary Beth Redding
Fred and Jeanne Register
Charles Robbins
Dorena Rodriguez
Leon and Gail Rosental
Charles Russom
Lizzie Salvati & Paul Salvaty
Lynn and David Scott
Stuart and Pamela Shaklan
Gregory and Jennifer Shamlian
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Sharp, Jr.
Sara Shirrell
Rary Simmons
Gloria and Edward Smith
Marguerite Ann Snow & The Honorable Richard Honn
Greg C. Spiegel & Cynthia J. Copeland
Elinor B. Stark
David Steinbacher
Mr. and Mrs. George Stephens
Robert and Wendy Stockly
Alma M. Stokes
Steven and Rotchana Sussman
Takako and Victor Suzuki
Armen and Silva Tashjian
John and Lee Taylor
Jennifer and Scott Teems
Carla Tomaso
Alina and Edward Tovalin
Dana and Toi Treister
Cathy Tyner
Amado and Joanne Umaguing
Juan and Erandi Urias
Audrey Urquidi
John and Shannon Vandevelde
Lauren Walton
James R. Watterson
Stacy and Michael Weaver
George and Loretta Whitesides
Bonnie and Klaus Wiene
Jessica and Roy Williams
Alexandra and David Winkowski
Roger and Anne Wolf
Janet D. Wood
Marianne Kearney Wright
William and Jane Wyllie
Jeffrey and Diane Yamaguchi
Jennifer and Geoff Yure
Marilyn J. Zammitt

The Abdus-Samad Family
Joan Woodford Abu Bakir
Cati Acevedo
Aghavnie Angie Achekian
Karen Adamczyk
Cherry and Gilbert Agapito
Erick and Alejandra Aguilar
Hagop and Arpy Aintablian
Allisonne Crawford Airitam
Elisa Alderete
Sarkis Aleksanian & Hripsime Petrosian
Alfred and Judith Almeda
Desiree Alvarado & Ruben Cardenas, Jr.
Caroline H. Amicone
Christina and Chann An
Christi and Anker Anderson
Maria L. Anderson
Neil and Thais Anderson
Bryan and Phi-Phi Anderton
Roger H. Angarita
Anonymous (12)
Stephen C. Aquino & Cecile C. Sandan-Aquino
Kevin Aranda
Edgardo and Lucenia Arcinue
James R. Asperger & Christine M. Adams
Deborah Atwell & Kevin Patterson
Koko and Ceza Awakimian
Rachel Badillo & Attila Soos
Beth Baird & William H. Davis, Jr.
Vahe and Shirley Balian
Rosalba and Sidney Bank
Alan and Diana Barba
Claire Barbes
Rachel Barnes
Judy A. Barnett
Craig and Dora Barnfather
Imelda Barraza
Catalina and Albert Barrios
Kelvin Barry
Brian and Suzanne Bayley
Karlyn and Devon Beck
David A. Beckett & Inga Grabis
Fajima Bedran
Ms. Lyn Beecher & Hunt Salembier
Bruce and Patricia Bell
Nancy Rosalie Bell
Cynthia Bennett & Ed de Beixedon
Erik Berg
Gagan and Shubhshree Bhargava
Dewayne and Toni Bias
Leslie and James Biekkola
Wendy Bigby
Jon Bishop & Jacqueline Lambrichts
Arthur and Gayane Bislamyan
Anne and A. Eric Bjorgum
Mrs. William E. Bloomer
Karla and Simon Bluestone
Magda and Brian Bonham
Amilcar and Julia Bonilla
Brian and Faye Borgedahl
Stephanie Bower & Vinh Nguyen
Cathryn M. Bowman
Rochelle Branch
Judith Brandt
Christopher Brannon
Bruce and Aimee Brazeau
Jose and Marlena Briceno
Ray and Janneke Briggs
Norman and Frederika Brooks
Berlinda and Vernon Brown
John and Patricia Brugman
John and Teri Buchanan
Robert and Antoinette Buckner
Alexander and Mary Bucur
Brittany and Wesley Burian
Naima Burks
Steven Burns & Cristina Carlos
Meredith Buyrucu
Bryan and Mary Byers
Kathleen M. Cady & John A. Pomeroy
Dr. and Mrs. James C. Caillouette
Carmela Calderon
Susan and John Caldwell
Elizabeth Brown Calleton
Kathy Calleton
Susan and Jose Calva
Michael and Michelle Calva-Despard
Stuart and Barbara Campbell
Craig and Lisa Cardella & Ixora Floral Studio
Scott and Dana Carder
Carolyn Carlburg
Diane Carmenate
Kristen and Michael Carruthers
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Casaburi
David B. Caspole & Laura Desiree Lavertu
Melissa and Adam Castillo
Joan and Patrick Cathcart
Marvin and Carol CecchiniJohn T. Chakarian
John Chamberlin & Karen Walker
Roy Chan & Jennifer Haoming Ting
Melissa and Jay Chapman
Alice Chen
Rodney and Ellen Chew
David and Aishah Chisum
Michael and Wendy Churukian
Robert and Sue Clark
Talmage and Erika Cobb
Patricia Colburn
Jean and Ron Coleman
Eleanor Congdon
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Connell
Patrick Cooke & Jillian Ortells
Marguerite Cooper
Mary E. Copperud
Amanda and Christopher Corder
John Costanzo & Susi Campos
Danny and Nicole Coughlin
David and Julie Courtney
Virginia Crockett
Keith Croket
Bill and Diane Cross
Carolyn and Scott Cutler
Sara Dachel
Maria D'Addario
Bryan and Jennifer Dague
Michael and Shelley Dakan
Dianna and Joel Damir
Morgan and Kristine Davey
Sharon and Bill Davidor
Maureen Davis
Ms. Nancy Neal Davis
Sandy and Robbie Davis
Wanda Davis
Jo Meredith and David De Leon
Susan De Vaux
Glenn and Diana De Veer
Paul De Wolf
Lorna and Lawrence Deady
Justin and Mary Dedeaux
Sona DeLurgio
Alejandro Denton-Martinez
Jennifer Der & Henry Chow
Joe Der, Jr.
Manish Desai
Burnette and Louise Di Tuillo
David and Carol Dickie
Joanne Dierdorff
Wendelin C. Donahue
Thomas and Shirley Donovan
Mahmoud Douraghizadeh & Soraya Radsan
Charles Darren Dowell & Emily Ann Baird
Edward R. Driscoll
Franklin and Marianne Dryden
The Dufford Family
Larry and Roberta Dumas
Charlotte Dyson
Priscila Echenique
Pedro and Deborah Echeverria
Jordan and Danielle Edell
Joel S. Edstrom & Margaret I. Adams
Rebecca Edwards & Alfonso Blanch
Mr. Laurence P. Eggers
Penelope and Timothy Eicher
Jesse and Diane Eller
Michael and Maggie Ellis
Clausen Ely
Nord and Cynthia Eriksson
Mark Esensten & Sandra Hayes-Esensten
Allison Evans
Catherine Evans
R. Bruce Evans, Jr. & Deanna Stamboulian Evans
Raymond Fahn Jr.
Don and Jackie Feinstein
Eric Fiedler
Caleb and Doris Finch
Paul A. Finchamp
Susan and Paul Finochio
Julie and Michael Flad
Susan Flaming
Rene and Connie Flores
Tim and Allison Fluckey
John H. Fong & Lyda Wong
Linda and Victor Fong
Mimi Fong & Keith M. Gallo
Jessica F. Fontenot
Janis Forgetta
Diana Forman & Ricardo Silva
John and Jill Fosselman
Timothy and Nicole Fox
Kathleen and Eric Fraer
Mark J. Frankel
Marla Frazee
Benjie and Leslie Freiberger
Katherine Gabel
Derek and Clarinda Ganter
Ms. Frances Garbaccio
Chris and Grace Garcia
Juan and Barbara Garcia
Edward and Brooke Garlock
Mr. and Mrs. Anton C. Garnier
Glenn and Connie Garrison
Johnny and Loretta Garza
Liana and Brian Gaughan
Sven Geier & Liz Schiller
Wayne Geringer
Dennis and Susi Gertmenian
Dr. and Mrs. Konstantinos Giapis
Aaron and Mariesalle Gil
Alvin M. Gills, III & Yolanda Romo-Gills
Ruby Godinez
Jay and Krista Goguen
Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Gold
Phil and Jill Gold
Matthew Golden
Brian and Irina Goldfarb
Lisa M. Goldstein
Angie Gomez
Traude Gomez Rhine & Michael Rhine
Kristine K. Gonzales
Cruz E. Gonzalez & Jose R. Blanco
Rose and Armand Gonzalez
Wendy Gordon & Michael Gottlieb
Emilia and Dana Gorecki
Dorothy and Rosann Graff
Bruce and Monica Graney
Patsy J. Grant
Elizabeth Gray
Gary and Linda Graybill
Anne Greer
James R. Gregor
Allen and Karen Gross
Jon R. Gundry
Julie A. Gutierrez
Ms. Patricia Gutierrez
Susan Gyechkyan & Greg Mavilian
Sandy and David Gyenes
The Hamilton Family
Wayne Hammack
Lawrence and Anita Hammond
John C. Harabedian
Andrew and Maria Harbeck
Kenyon Harbison & Kimberly C. Wheeler
Greg and Sarah Jane Harman
Bob and Lisa Harrison
Gary Hartman
Roger and Linda Hayek
Susan Heck
Harold and Betty Heepke
Sarah Heidel & Fred A. Rowley, Jr.
John and Lisa Heinsen
Michele and Rupert Hemmings
The Henderson Family
Claudia Henry
Mary Herman & Timothy Rutt
Gregory Hernandez & Gina Sorensen-Hernandez
Sara Herrick
Farah Heshmati
Nicole and Mark Hibner
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hidas
Jennifer and Stephen Higginbotham
Anett Hill
Marianne and Randall Hill
James and Kristin Hoffman
John and Margaret Holder
Mr. and Mrs. William Hollingsworth
Paul and Susan Holman
Robert and Mary Holmes
Kenneth and Annabel Hom
Kiyoshi and Miho Honda
Jeffrey Hong
Eric and Michelle Hopkins
Huston and Polly Horn
Sandra and Randal Horton
Gwen and Matt Hourihan
Phyllis Howard
Robbin Howard
Wes Howard
Joff and Helen Hsu
Thomas N. and Monica J. Hubbard
Hue C. Huynh & Philip P. Soo
Julie Ibrao
Jeffrey and Elizabeth Iko
Dixie Ilwraith
Harry and Gail Irby
Anna Israyelyan & Suren Zakaryan
Joseph Jakl
Irina Jasper, MD
Chris and Sara Jennings
Ms. Ann C.  Jilg
John Jimenez
Jeffrey S. Johnson & Mindy Pomper-Johnson
Theola G. Johnson
Beverly A. Jones
Tom and Virginia Jones
Margaret Jung-Boecherer & Frank Rolf Boecherer
Gary and Cynthia Kaloostian
Joshua and Sheree Kaplan
Carl and Bev Karish
Haley and Marc Karish
Jonathan Kehoe
Connie and Mark Keith
Lanisha S. Kelly
Mary Ann Kelly & Scott Sitzman
Jennifer and Tim Kennedy
Kourosh Kian & Azadeh K. Kordastani
Jacqueline R. Kimble-Cummings
Wendell E. Kimp
Richard and Sara Kinney
Janet and Kenneth Kitani
Robert and Jamie Knauss
Joycelyn Knight
Kent and Jinny Koffler
Thomas Kosakowski & Alisa Fishbach
Merle and John Kovash
Clemens E. Kownatzki & Selene Flores
Elaine Kramer & J. Al Latham, Jr.
Dr. Theodore Krontiris & Sue Parilla
Mitsuo and Marjorie Kunihiro
Rafi and Lisa Kurkdjian
David and Ina Labowitz
Susan Lafferty & Tom Lockhart
Dorothy Laird
Ruth Landsberger & Hari Das Nayar
Monica and James Langley
Deirdre M. Larkin & Edwin C. Tingstrom
Sarah and Curtis Larson
Keith and Judith Latham
Chi-Wung Lau & Tianna Tang-Lau
Elaine and Adrian Ledesma
Shellie R. Lee
Vivian Lee
Yong and Mi Kyung Lee
Laura E. Lee-Chin & Mathieu Desbrun
Gerald and Eileen Lehmer
Beth Leitner & Paul Newman
Leslee Leong & Joe Schulman
Sarah Letts
Daniel and Pamela Lewis
Lindsay Lewis
Beatriz and Gerardo Leyva
Melissa and Kelvin Liang
Daniel S. Liota
Jodie Liston
Fang Liu
Esteban Lizardo & Vannia De La Cuba
Bill and Ginger Loesch
Paul F. Lofthouse
Carol S. Lofton
Ronald and Nicole Logan, Jr.
Carlos Lopez
Gail Lovejoy
Karen and Robert Lynn
Marah Lyvers
Gary Macdonald
Bradford Macneil
John and Barbara Madden
Edward and Penny Magalong
Dianne Magee
Jane and Walter Maguire
Elic and Natasha Mahone
Fanny M. Maldonad
Gretchen and Gabriel Maldonado
Armine and Hratch Mankerian
Benjamin Maro
David and Oi Martel
Ms. Joyce Ann Mason
Alan Mather
Allen W. Mathies, Jr., M.D.
John and Yvonne Mauvezin
Dawn and Peter May
Kayleen Maya & Gilbert Aviles
Frederick Mazie
Patty McAllister
Kevin F. Mccafferty
John and Marianna McConaghy
Melody McCormick
Mark and Dorcas McCown
James A. McDermott, Jr. & Cynthia J. Kurtz
Shelley R. McDonald
Joellyn McGrath
Edgar and Melinda McGregor, III
Jodi McLaughlin & Trevor Bryant
Amy McLean
Kate and Alexander Megaw
Adrian Mejia
Rodney and Lynn Melillo
Betsy Mertens
Edward and  Carrie Meyers
Thomas C. Meyers & Regina Parola-Meyers
Ms. Susanna Miele
Mourad and Charmaine Milad
Christopher and Lynnanne Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Earle Miller
Genevieve and Wayne Miller
Janet M. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Miller
Mr. and Mrs. O'Malley Miller
Robert Miller & Edwina Travis-Chin
Stacey Ann Miller & Steve Ekstrand
The Milne Family
Tara Milton
James and Sandra Mims
June Minamizono
Ms. Elaine Minges
Tammy Jo Mitnik
Helene Mochedlover
Paul J. Monsour & Amy Hershberger
Ms. Patricia Montbriand
Sandra and Robert Montgomery
Deborah and Theodore Moon
Martin and Guadalupe Moreno
Joelle A. Morisseau
Leonora Moss
Hector and Sophia Mota
David Moulton & Laura Martinez
Leon and Victoria Mualem
Stephen Mulder
Mario E. Munich & Maria E. Gainza
Lidia and Nafees Muqri
Norman S. Muraki
Michael A. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Murphy
Lisa and Robert Muthiah
David and Stephanie Muyres
David Mysza & Andrea McClure-Mysza
Marla Nadolney
Deanna Nagel & David Balsam
Jose and Veronica Navarro
Gregory A. Nelson & Denise Veich
Scott D. Nelson
Lisabet S. Nepf
Crystal and Michael Nerone
Matt and Linda Neuenburg
Charles and Linda Newhart
Lai K. Ngo
Douglas and Jinhee Nguyen
Ngoc-thanh Nguyen
Leakana Nhem & Charles Deboer
Carl D. Nielsen
Charles Niesen
Robert and Tobi Nishikawa
Bert and Audrey Nishimura
Donald and Judith Norquist
Erin and Michael Nowak
George and Cynthia Null
Anuja and Channa Obeyesekere
Kimberly O'Callaghan
Benjamin and Sandra Olivades
Robert and Arlene Oltman
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Onderdonk
Dr. and Mrs. A. William Opel, Jr.
Moses Orech & Gale Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Felix Orona, Jr.
Lola Osborne
Jeff O'Shaughanessy
Jeff and Asha O'Shaughnessy
Brian Oshima & Margaret Yasuda
Toby OsosMichael and Shannan Ossmen
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Overton, III
Lawrence Lee Packenham
Steve and Elyse Paek
Ann and Timothy Palmer
Oak Kyoung Park
Shirley M. Parker
Stephen and Diana Parra
Richard and Teresa Parsekian
Nathalie Pataky
John and Sharon Patterson
Mark and Valerie Pearson
Jamelle and Alan Peck
Kelsie and David Pejsa
Luis Perez & Ofelia M. Velazquez
Stephen and Gordana Perlof
Melani Pete-Johnson
Gloria and Don Pitzer
Nicole M. Placensia
Derek and Jane Podrebarac
Anthony J. Portantino
Roger Possner & Jan McFarlane
Nancy Potter
Pamela T. Praeger
Mr. Morgan Prickett
Jean Aicher Prinz
Allison Pultz & John G. MacDonald
Jo Ann W. Purcell
Lisa Quinonez & Carl Royce
Greg and Rachel Rabidean
Audrey Raham
Annika L. Rahe & Roland C. Martinez
Kurt and Mikala Rahn
Guillermo Ramirez
Herbert and Diane Rankin
Norma K. Rannie
Enid and Eric Rasmussen
Dr. Martin Ratliff & Dr. Carol Polanskey
Bruce Rauhe & Sandar Fincher-Rauhe
Michael Reagan & Carolyn Garner-Reagan
Deborah E. Reed
Gina Marie Reese
Thomas C. Reichardt
Ms. Gloria Reynolds
Randolph and Karen Rice
Stephen and Kathleen Richards
Felix Rivera & Carol Gregory
Cynthia Roat
Dorothy Roat
Mr. John D. Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. John Robinson
Antonio and Donna Rodriguez
Rosalina and Rene Rodriguez
Al and Mercedes Romero
Ricardo Romero
Dr. and Mrs. Holt Rose
Janet J. Rose
Dana and Eileen Roth
Glenn and Magdalena Rothner
Sarah Rudchenko
Nolvia and Mario Ruiz
Ken and Maggie Sabbag
Beatriz Sackett
Elsie Sadler
Leonardo Saen
Shirley Mary Ann Saenz
Sam and Melissa Sahand
Ron S. Saito & Maria Jung
James and Rebecca Sale
Esther and Carlos Salinas
Gabriel and Sandra Sanchez
Sharon R. Sand & Charles H. Thomas, Jr.
Julie Roberts Sanders
David and Charon Sandoval
Dori and Chris Rosental Saporito
Gordon and Joanne Sasaki
Frank and Marian Sata
Ted and Maureen Savo
Patricia Savoie
Mary Scheidler
Mrs. Francis E. Schlueter
Allen and Margie Schmidt
Carol Schmidt
Pamela J. Schrider
Marc and Michelle Schurer
Michael and Susan Schwartz
Helen A. Schweiger & Elizabeth Lorelei Mooney
Thomas Scoble & Kathleen 
DillonRonald Scott
Dorothy McCay Scully
Martha and Bruce Searby
Diana Selig
Carmen Serrano
Sue and Anthony Sgherzi
Chandra and Peter Shair
Stephen Shectman
Shirley R. Shivers
Arnold Siegel & Susan Futterman
Thomas Sinclair
Deborah and Jack Singer
Armi Sippel
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sisson
Yolanda Skaaf-Willits
Edward Skinner & Linda Bazilian
Doris Slater
Nancy R. Smiley
Wendi Smit & William Nelson
Ana Mari Smith
Mrs. Constance H. Smith
Lorin and Robin Smith
Steven A. Smith
Jon and Irene Snoddy
William and Cherie Snow
Alice M. Sogomonian
Alan and Marianna Solomon
Jim Spangler
David and Kimberly Stafford
Sarah and Charles Steidel
Thomas Stern & Tamara Hernandez
Robin Stever & Ricardo Barrantes
Adam and Nancy Stiles
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Stone
Emily B. Stork
Stacie Stout
Stephanie and Kaoruhiko Suzuki
Calvin and Marie Tajima
Allen Tamura
Ka Yaw Tan & Yoke Yin See
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Tang
Stephen and Marlena Tanner
Gunther and Joye Tarampi
Alison Tate & Jose Undurraga
Fredricka Taubitz
Jud and Dayna Taylor
Jessica Tchalakian & Brian Pfaaucht, Jr.
Bradford and Cynthia Thiel
Matt Thoman
Linda Thomas-Benn & Reginald L. Benn
E. Godwin and Jeffrey Throop
Angela Thurstan
Jolene M. Timmons
John and Elizabeth Tindall
Mark A. Todd & Esther Watson
Mark and Roberta Tragarz
James and Kristin Tranquada
Judith and Ed Treidler
Laura Treister
Carole Tremblay &Lawrence Torres
Mark and Ciran Tufenkjian
Darrin E. Turko
Joyce Huyett Turner
Julian M. Tyszka & Miho Kato Tyszka
Rutely Urbina
Christian Patricio Vaca
Kendra Valdez
Elmo and Cecilia Valino
John and Sonia Van Laar
James and Jenny Van Slyke
Arthur and Anne Vaughan
Audrey Vaughan
Baudelina and Jesus Vazquez
Carlos M. Vega
Kathryn and Robert Vega
Gabriel Vieyra-Salazar & Margarita Vieyra
Maribel Montiel Vivar
Spencer R. Vodnoy
Mirka Vuollo
Jennifer and Kraig Walkup
David and Christina Wallerstein
William and Donna Wallius, Jr.
Nancy Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Watanabe
Ms. J.S. Waters
Samuel M. Watson
Monica V. Watts
Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Way, Jr.
Neil Weinberger & Kathleen A. Copus
Constance and William Weinstock
Mr. and Mrs. John Werden
Mr. and Mrs. Ward Whaling
Christopher Whitaker
Linda White
Lyla White
Richard White
Cheri Wilkerson
Randy Wilkins & Gabrielle Gliniak
Reginald and Tasha Wilkins
Felicia Williams
Andy and Elizabeth Wilson
Ashley and Ian Wilson
Phoebe and Larry Wilson
Jacqueline Wisherd
Josette Wolf
Ken and Carolyn Wong
Bill and Rebecca Woods
David and Julianne Worrell
David and Sharon Wortham
Marge and Joe Wyatt
Jason and Stacey Young
Kaye A. Young
Susan and Stephen Young
Lu-Anne and Dario Zalamea
Greg and Judith Zambrano
William and Eileen Zimmerman
Ms. Linda D. Zinn
Augustin and Sarina Zuniga

Elizabeth and Bradley Abeleson
Miriam and Emmanuel Abellera
Michael and Nella Abelson
Vivien Abrams
Behcet Acikmese & Yuehua Chen
Tracy and Nathan Ackeret
Arthur C. Ackerman, II & Kendra K. Liu-Ackerman
Helene Acton
Mr. and Mrs. Jymm Adams
Jill Adler-Moore
Edward and Araxy Afsharian
Abraham and Mary Aghoian
Maria Agredano
Carlos Aguilar & M. Teresa Correa-Aguilar
Miriam Aguilar
Lucia Aguilar-Preciado
Jose Antonio Aguirre
Anait Aivazian
Geoffrey Albert
Kristin Albright
Melissa Alcorn
Jose and Yana Aldana
Don L. Alejandro
Kumiko Alexander
Nick and Mary Alexander
Michelle Alfonso
Lucindia Allen
Dr. Allie Louise Almore-Randle
Jill Betters Alonso
Bella Alonzo
Bianka Altmet
Claudia Alvarado
Francisco Alvarez & Claudia E. Garavito
Rafael Alvarez & Jessica Martinez
Steven Amador
Mackie and Manuel Amaya
Marcelia Ambrose
Daniel Ames
Maria Amezcua
Alfredo and Julie Anaya
Ronnie and Garry Andal
Christopher and Ann Anderson
Kathy Anderson
Afewerki W. Andom
Eddie and Christine Andre
Charles Chaiwat Ang
Jessie M. Angles
Anonymous (26)
Saskia Anthony
Felix Aparicio
Tom and Jane Apostol
Yaimi Appiaga
Edwin Aragon
Yilin Aragon-Lu
Silvia Arellano
Mr. Warren Jefferson Arnett
Sharon Arnold
Peniamin and Annie Aroyan
Hattie Arrington
Abel Arrolso
Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Arroyo
Kimlin Tam Ashing
Rosela Asturias
Joseph and Tatevik Atamian
Madel Avila
Donald and Berit Babbitt
Irina Badalyan
C. Badertscher
Jae Jun Baek & Jung Min Lee
Monique Bagby
Jennifer Bailey
Barbara B. Bair
Kenya Mikkel Baker
John and Leni Balogo
Dago and Jennifer Barajas
Juan Manuel and Maria Barajas
Louise P. Barbic
Patricia Barbosa
Stella Barinaga
Derek and Cindy Barnard
Carlis F. Barnes
Vincent Barragan & Evangelina Burgara
German and Rosalinda Barrero
Richard W. Barry
Joseph Bartholomew
Tatiana Basanez & Luis Grane
Ramon and Lilia Bastidas
Colleen and Darryl Bates
Garth and Shandra Battick
Stuart Baur & Susan Friedman
Kathleen Bautista
Gregory and Charlotte Beach
Jay and Karalee Bechtol
Lynette L. Beckles
Gregory S. Beirich & Karen S. Liquornik
Yemisrach Belete
James and Mary Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Bell
Jay Belloli
Cecil and Kendra Benedit
Christopher and Kathryn Bengford
Vaughn and Nova Benn
Paula and William Berg
Aries Berganio
Caroline Bermudez
Norma Bernal
Brett and Maria Bernath
Jason and Emily Bert
Joharis Betancourt
Jessica Beug
Douglas and Aubyn Biery
Barbara L. Bigby
Michael F.  Birnbryer
Dr. and Mrs. Harlan K. Bixby
Rosemary Blanchard
Sarah and Alexander Bliss
Lucy Bloom-Hagerty & Kevin R. Hagerty
Andrea Esther Boatner
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher and Jessica Bodaken
Mardik Boghossian & Satenik Dadoyan
Paul Bonilla
Veronica and Scott Boone
Todd and Theresa Bostrom
Joel Botello-Rico & Maria O. Montero-Botello
Kay Bowen
Kenneth and Kari Bower
Bobby Bowlin & Donna Maria Moore
Kumiko Bowman
Jeff Bracamonte
Brittney Braddock
Nathaniel and Kelly Bradley
June and Matthew Bragg
Rildo L. Bravo
Kimberly Britt
Terisa Brookshire & Shirley Gamble
Anthony and Chau Brown
David and Leena Brown
Glenn and Connie Brown
Judith Brown
Mitla Brown & Ricardo Ortega
Richard and Stacie Brown
Angela Dae Browne
Gene and Marilyn Buchanan
Ray Buckley
Sally and Edward Buckley
Gretchen R. Buckman
Deborah K. Buckwalter
Lauro and Rosa Bugarin
Marcelo and Melissa Bugarin
E.F. Bulmahn
Shannon Burner
Deanna and David Burns
Sue, Peggy, and Patty Burns
Mr. and Mrs. George Burr, Jr.
Ernest and Elizabeth Bustillos
Jose Cabral
Juan Cabral, Jr.
Agapito F. Cabrera
Ana and Alfredo Cabrera
Fred H. Cady
Chad and Meredith Cain
Rachelle S. Cajulis & Enrique P. Soriano
Jenny Calderon
Phyllis Calderon
Jose Calderon-Garcia
Lynda and James Callahan
Angela R. Campbell
Patrick Campbell & Marisa Desimone
Debie Campos
Margarita Cannan
Lynda Margaret Canzoneri
Karen K. Capehart
David and Prescilla Cardena
Alison and Ronald Carlson
Katherine Carlson & Peter Fech
Gerald and Nan Carlton
Michael R. Carpino & Noel de Vine-Carpino
Frank and Jami Carrera
Chris and Linda Carson
Johnathan and Iraiz Carson
Mary K. B. Carter
Roslyn P. Caskey
Lee Hogan Cass
Desiree Castaneda
Andres Castellanos & Irma C. Barco
Eric and Staci Castillo
Erika and Michael Castillo
Maria Castillo
Cecilia Maria Castro
Mercedes and Jeffrey Castro
Pablo and Sylvia Castro
Quetzalli Castro
Susana and Gregorio Castro
Mike and Tina Caveney
Maricruz Cayetano
Elena E. Cazares
Eric and Sonia Cea
Jose H. Cedillo & Rocio Garcia
Yobanna Cerda
Khatchik and Rita Chahinian
Subham Chakraborty & Sumita Banerjee
Pei Li Chang
Zina Chapman
Nuntaya and Malvin Chau
Felipe Chavarria
Raul and Anita Chavez
Lydel D. Chea
Alex and Nora Cheikh
Joshua and Charmain Chen
Mr. and Mrs. Chen
Vivian Cheung
Ana Lia Chico
Terri Ching & Scott Liang
Patrick and Peggy Choi
Keith and Chui Chow
Nancy Chu
Dr. Cyril Chukwumezie
Lynn Church & C.L. Thames
Cesario and Maxima Cirunay
Sharon Cirunay
Mr. and Mrs. Cisneros Cisneros
Wilson E. Cisneros
Ron and Renee Civille
John Clark & Josie Lopez
Ms. Portia Clark
Charles and Linneth Clay
Shelly Renee Clem & Nathan Warren Constant
Robert and Alisa Coad
James and Delia Cochran
Marilyn Coffman
Oneida Cohill
Mark and Cynthia Cohn
Michael and Teresa Coleman
Grazia Como
Joni Conlon
Kwasi and Krishna Connor
Mayra and Rene Contreras
John and Joan Conyers
Karen R. Cooper
Nydia Cooper & Nydia Cooper Company
Richard and Laurie Cooper
Carolyn Corker-Free & Robert A. Free
Mariana Coronado
Manuela Correa
Rocio Correa
Heath Corson
Sonia Cortez
Dorothy Costello
Sonia and Jose Covarrubias
Kimberly Covey
Joshua and Annika Cowing
Meg and Cameron Cox
Junko and John Crader
Cheryl Cravedi & Douglas Potkins
Nora Beth and Cameron Crest
Wendy Crouch
Louise Crowley
ictoria Crumpton

Aurora Cruz
Nickole Cullough
Zaven and Alina Daghlian
Theresa M. Daley
Robert K. Daly
Shah Daniel
Miles and Paula Dapsauski
 D'aragona Design
David Darbyshire
P. Davila-Hull
Alison and Cary Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Davis
Thomas and Yvonne Davis
Alec and Luella Davison
Angelica De La Cruz
Felicia De La Pena
Maribel De Robles
Alicia De Santiago
Jeanie Dea
Lillian and Christopher DeGroof
Michael Delapena
Imelda Delgado
Maribel Delgado-Rocha & Maribel Rocha
Benjamin and Danielle Deming
Nian Wen Deng
Alden S. Denila
Lars and and Cecilia Dennert
Silva Dergazaneun
Richard Derrick
Emily and Leonard Diaz
Victor Diaz
Ruben Dimalaluan & Ma Theresa Diego Dimalaluan
Dr. Jean Ding
Kevin and Sharon Dinniene
Christopher and Jessica Dionne
Hambarsoum Dirasouyan & Rebeca Parra
John N. Dobbins
Sam and Arpy Doctorian
Ms. Suzanne Dodd
Joy and James Domingo
Kurt and Lourdes Domingo
Edwin and Leanne Dominguez
Lupe and Enrique Dominguez
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dominguez
Sandra Ann Dondalski
Mary Donnelly-Crocker & David E. Crocker
Theresa Doran
Hasmik Jasmine Dovlatyan & Abraham Eric Apikian
The Drabing Family
David and Kathleen Draper
Peter Dreier & Terry Meng
Seth Drenner & Chelsea Gavlock-Drenner
Erik and Diana Dreyer
Laura A. Driscoll
Arthur and Ruth Drye
Jiangang Du & Chang Li
Deirdre Ann Duke
Leslie A.  Dunipace & Steven Lee Flower
Edward L. Dunn, Jr.
Joeta Dunn
Joseph and Jonilynn Duzy
Eric and Darla Dyson
Katja Eastland
Linda Echegaray
Starla C. Echols
Dr. Kenneth Edison
Wendy Edwards
Martin and Nancy Ehrlich
Annette Elise Eickele
Sayed Eid
Belinda Elias
Yadira and Jose Elias
Carmit and Danny Eliyahu
Reuben Ellis & Linda Dove
Michael and Reina Enger
Candida Enriquez
Danya S. Ensley
Nadege J. Epalle
Angel Epps
Gina Erestingcol
Erika L. Erickson-Pearson
Marcus and Jennifer Errico
Angelica Escalante
Mehdi S. Eskandari
Kyle Espiritu
Ismael and Gilma Estrada
Dario Fadda
Esmeralda Fajardo
Andrew and Phyllis Fash
Elizabeth Faunce
Vanessa Fernandez
Ayanthi and Chaminda Fernando
Tiffany Ferrara
Adabel and Jorge Figueroa
Robert and Geraldyne Fillhart
Wendy M. Finch-Burk
Bruce and Sandra Fincher-Rauhe
Mary Fineman
Canyon and Kirsten Fisher
Arturo Flores
Brittney Flores
Dora and Jorge Flores
Francisco Flores
Maria Cristina Flores
Mary Floyd V.
Dr. Kathryn Fogarty
Robin and Michael Foley
Kenneth and Ann Ford
Oscar and Kathryn Forney
Kristin A. Forrest
Mari Ann Fortuna & Stefan Windheuser
Kevin and Lanya Foster
Jacquline Cindy Franco & Jose D. Garibay
Ms. Barbara Franklin
Thomas and Gail Frederick
Ms. Patricia and Joseph Frontino
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Fukutaki
Maricel and Lynell Fulgencio
Alma Marleny Funes
Perla I. Funes
Melissa and Neil Gabriel
Mary Ellen Gale & Robert Savard
Daria Galindo
Lyndon Galindo & Susan Delamadrid
Basilio and Irma Gallegos
Hratch and Mayra Garabedian
Adolfo Garcia
Griselda Garcia
Lawrence and Paula Garcia
Lulu Garcia
Maria E Garcia
Vivian M. Garcia
Yolanda and Raymond Garcia
Carmen Garduno
Dana Gaskell
Mr. and Mrs. George Gasper
Andrew and Eileen Gathman
Heather Gavaldon
Leonora Geddes
Elizabeth and William Gerard
Crystal and Roy Gerards
David and Bhupali Gerst
Larry and Debbie Getlin
Katherine Gfeller
Hans and Julia Ghekiere
Larry and Diane Giannone
Mr. and Mrs. Gibeault
Beau and Carmel Gieson
Isaac Gilles
Margaret Gillham
Kara Kahley Gills
Nuria Giralt & Robert B. de Spelder
Edward A Giron
Wendy and David Gist
Frank and Lisa Glionna
Leigh and Ronn Gluck
Helen Go
Betty C. Gobrecht
Christine and John Goff
Katherine and Ronald Gold
Jazmin Gomez
Jimmy Gomez
Caitano and Rebecca Gonzalez
Dianna and Michelle Gonzalez
Gilbert, Graciela and Irma Gonzalez
Jennifer Gonzalez & Amador Cortez, Jr.
Maria L. Gonzalez
Mr. and Mrs. Gonzalez
Nancy V. Gonzalez
Valentin Gonzalez
Virginia and Felipe Gonzalez
Jenna F. Goodman
Antonio Gordo
Margaret A. Gordon & John W. Peterson
Michael and Patty Gorse
Steve and Cristina Gossett
Craig Scott Graham
Jodi Graves
Catherine Gray
Ruben and Marcella Green
Wenonah Green
Judy Anne Gregg
James and Linda Griffin
Cyrice Griffith
Rosella J. Growdon
Adam and Paula Grubb
Lance Guerrero
Maria C. Guerrero-Ruiz
Blanca and Michael Guerriero
Theodore and Gail Gunther
Laura Gutierrez
Jackie Guzman
Sergio Moya Guzman & Emma R. Cervantes de Moya
Patricia Gwinn & Ian Roberts
Luz and Robert Haack
Loretta Kay Habel
Tracee Dawn Hackel
Gary E. Hackney & Natalie A. Poole
John and Anna Hallstrom
Sheldon and Diane Halpern
Margo Halsted & Peter Lesourd
Delene Hamilton
Harriet Hammond
Chad and Susan Hampton
Opal Hampton
Ayumi Hanamoto & Bryan V. Lynn
Eva R. Hanloser
Peter and Iris Hao
Dena Hardin
Robert Harman & Amy E. Britt
Cynthia Harnage
Elizabeth Harrington
Laurence and Gabriela Harris
William Harrison
Lois Hartman
Darry and Magadalene Harvey
Ricardo and Kathy Hassan
Jesse and Yolanda Hathaway
Amanda M. Haylock
Harland and Lois Heath
John and Joyce Hegeman
Matthew and Elena Heimerl
Christopher Martin Henderson
Jeff and Elin Henderson
Henrietta D. Hendrix
Jonathan Hernandez
Elba M. Hernandez-Sanchez
Carol and Michael Herrick & Lori C. Ybarra
Judith Hetzel
Karen Hetzel
Dolores Hickambottom
Curtis and Lisa Hidalgo
Caraly and Dave Higuchi
Sharon Higuera
Bryan and Shaquonia Hildreth
Donald and Sarah Hilsendager
Dale and Francia Hines
Mary Hines
Kenji Hino & Seiko Suzuki
Larry and Linda Hitchcock
Alan Ho & Sindy Ly
Julia and Brian Hoffman
Karen Holloway
Dorothy and Russell  Homan
Frank J. Hooks
Phil and Susan Hopkins
Karie Horie
Kevin and Candice Cooper Horn
Angelica and Michael Horsman
Frankie Hoskins
Joseph A. Hovsepian
Timothy and Jessica Hsieh
Daniel and Maureen Huang
Isaac Huang
Monina R. Hudrick
Mildred Hugh
Rebecca and Gareth Hughes
Heather Hutchins-Spaizman
Marianne and Robert Icart
Lydia Eno Idem
Catherine and Mark Imhoff
Kendall and Lydia In
Elizabeth Iracheta
Hasmig Iranian
Donna and John Irie
Angela Jackson
Steven C. Jackson
Trevor and Elizabeth Jackson
Claribel Jacobo
Bebe and Christopher Jacobs
Jack and Vicki Jadarian
Mary and Oscar Jaime
Myisha James
Olgario Jaquez Salas & Guadalupe Jaquez
Martha Lorena Jara
Nyshawn Jenkins
Christopher and Earlene Jennings
Keunyeong Jeon
Amanda Jimenez
Cristian Jimenez
JianJun Jin & Feng Shen
Yanbo and Yong Jin & Yong Wang
Corinna C. JobeBreck and Heather Johnson
Cathreen & Darren Johnson
Dalene Johnson
Divina L. Johnson
Douglas and Devette Johnson
Erin and John Johnson
Patrick and Lakisha Johnson
Angela and Julius Jones
Barton and Patricia Jones
Crystal Jones
Dianne E. Jones
Gregory David Jones
Jacquelynne Jones-Corby
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Jordan
Marian Joshua
Ms. Ruth Judkins
Dennis and Patricia Juett
Jerry and Julie Julao
Aiva Grana Julio
Edward and Lynn Kable
Hagop and Armine Kadehjian
Nancy Kaiser & Bari Willerford
Haruyo Kajiwara
Tracy and Joseph Kaplan
Gevorg Katrdzhyan
Constance Katz
Kip S. Katz
Masaya Kawano
Allan C. Ke & Sally Chao-Hsuan Peng
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Kean
Margaret Kearns
Taleen Kelejian
Eva Kellam
Kathryn Kenney
Jennifer and Brett Kenyon
Joyce and Dale Kenyon
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Kerns
Laura Kerosuo
Joseph and Patricia Kertes
Kristine Keshishyan
Monique and Asa Keszek
Abraham and Nancy Kevorkian
Muriel M. Khachooni
Andre and Johanna Kidd
Mi Young Kim & Keon Sang An
Richard Kim & Tina Lyu Chung
Sheri L. Kleckley
Kathleen and Gary Klein
Lawrence and Deborah Kline
Kimberly Knudson
Harriet and Al Koch
Michael and Lucinda Koh
Cecilia Kohagen
Dave Komisar
Richard Korzeniowski
Stacy and Akop Kostanyan
Marge and Joseph Kountzman
Marjorie E. Krieg
Patrick Krieg & Donna L. Nitti
Joshua Kunin & Thuy Tran
Patricia Kunkel
James and Rebecca Kuo
Paul and Ingrid Kuo
Zereta and James Kurten
Rebecca and Chris Kwan
Susan Labadie-Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lama
Elizabeth and Charles Lanski
Barbara Larson
Nick and Nikki Latshaw
Jamie Latta
Audrey Lavelle & Bryan Borys
Fred and Karen Law
Lea Lawrence-Moiso
Mark and Sara Lazzaretto
Estrella Leal
John F. Ledgard
Gavin and Gretchen Lee
Geun Ho Lee & Soo Kyung Hong
Jang H. Lee
Soo Il Lee & Bo In Jang
Sharon Lee-Hsu
Ellen Leggett
Karen and Matthew Lencioni
Fabioloa Leon
Maria L. Leon & Braulio De La Torre
Anne Lepesant
David Lerman
Nathaniel and Varnell Lewis
Chiang Li & Takayuki Hori
Jie Li
Timotea Lievano
Dan and Stephanie Lievense
Paul Sang Lim & Sophie Heeyoung Kim
Tien-Hsin and Aaron Lin
Kent and Gail Lindsay
Jeff and Lisa Liou
Dana R. Lira
Glenn D. Littenberg
Rebecca Little
Dominador Llamas
Luis and Allison Llamas
Carol Locke
Gwendolyn Logan
Eduardo Lomeli
Martha Lomeli
Kim Starr Long
Clark and Kendra Longhurst
Patrick and Jill Longo
Aurora Lopez
David and Judy Lopez
Joseph and Catherine Lopez
Lolita Lopez
Marisol Lopez
Monica Lopez
Raylene H. Lopez
Steven Lopez
Yair M. Lopez
Sahak and Hilda Loussinian
Alichia Love
Felix Loya
Kathleen J. Lucas, D.D.S.
John and Chaslyn Ludwig
Rosie and Rodrigo Luna
Mattie J. Mack
Ms. Robin D. Mackenroth
Colin S. Mackenzie
Hannah MacLaren
Susan L. MacLaughlin
Eduardo and Maria Magallanes
Stephanie and Sean Magallanes
Rosie Maldonado
Jeff and Susan Maljian
Perry and Julia Maljian
Shannon Malone
Lisa Manoukian & Arthur W. Melillo
Marine and Khachatur Manukyan
Caroline H. Manus
Christopher and Melinda Manus
Naomi and Scott Marcussen
Julio and Maria Mares
Marianna Margaryan
Mrs. Suzanne Marks
Luis Enrique Marquez
Diana Yoshie Marshall
Daniella and John Martin
Mary A. Martin
Manuel and Rachel Martin-Del Campo
Arlene P. Martinez
Gabriela and Antonio Martinez
Julie A. Martinez
Maria Martinez
Maria and Guillermo Martinez
Miguel and Carol Martinez
Vilma Martinez
Kristin Maschka & John David Hitchcock
Emilia and Andrew Matlock
Valerie Matthews
Rex Mayreis & Joan Kaplan
Donald McAlpin
Kimberly McBride
William and Dorothy Mccandliss
Robin and James McCarthy
Elizabeth McClellan
Stephen D. McCormick
Brian McDonald
Chris McDonald & Rowena Bombasi-McDonald
Jan McFarlane
Darrell and Kelly McKenzie
Margie McKinney
David and Laura McKinzie
Joseph and Joanne McLaughlin
Acquanette Denise McMillan
Pat McNamara
Mark and Cheryl McPhillips
Leslie McWhorter
Crystal McZeal
Vernon Meador, III & Susan Triplett
Jenny Medina
Anthonette Menasco
Diego Mendez-Romo
Jana Mendoza
Joe and Pamela Mendoza
Margarita Mendoza & Jose Luis Velez
Jorge Mendoza-Meza
Shamir and Christy Merino
Andera Merino-Lopez
Maria and George Metzger
Gilberto Meza
Gloria Meza
Maria Meza
Rosa Yolanda Meza
Michael and Laura Mickens
Robert and Tracy Mikuriya
Stana Milanovich
Sharon Millen
Dr. Yvonne Miller
Gregory and Joyce Millikan
Amanda and Jeehong Min
Roobik and Marina Minasian
Michael R. Miner & Betsy Nore
Peter Miner
Jennifer A. Minzey
Steven and Tricia Miranda
Anna Misakyan
Tracy Mitchell
John and Mary Mohler
Luis and Michelle Montenegro
Maria Montoya
Rebecca and Daniel Moody
Dianne Moore
Ernestine Moore
Inman Moore
Mildred Moore
Priscilla C. Moorman
Hugo Morales
Mr. and Mrs. John Moran
Gilbert Morquecho & Carmen Olascoaga-Morquecho
Heather and William Morrison
Lisa Ferraro Mosa
Robert A. Mosakowski & Lila Cumes
Susan N. Mossman
Isaac Motola
Vazken and Susan Movsesian
Firdows Muhammad
Victoria V. Mujukian
Andrew and Ellen Munoz
Lyn Munro & Bob Barber
Gabrielle Murdock
Dennis M. Murphy
Erin D. Musick
Hisashi and Monaliza Nagata
William Nagy
Monique Najera
Jon Nalick & Kathleen Tracy Roberts
Vanapha Namboun
P.V.L Narasimharao
Joseph Narvaez
Ray E. Neal & Pattama Junthon
Tonya Neal
Elizabeth M. Neaves
Nat Nehdar
Janet and Stanley Neill
Bryce Nelson
Wendi L. Nelson
Beverly Neu
Neal and Frances Neuenburg
Bob and Betsy Neuwirth
Tara L. Newman
John-Thomas and Erika NgoThao C.H. Nguyen & David T. Tran
Vinh T. Nguyen & Buell . Brown
Emilline and Steve Nice
Robert and Laurie Niles
Robert and Gail Nishinaka
Saori Julie Nitao
Laura M. Norris
Anamaria North
Vasco Lucas Nunes
Lannie D. Nunez
Lucio Nunez & Lucy Ventura-Nunez
David T. Nyerges
Yukikazu and Hiroko Obata
Liz O'Brien
Genji Oe
Dawna Renay Ogilive
Alexandra E. Oginz
Kristina R. Ogron
Brenda Lee Ohnstad
Jon and Sandy Olesen
Ana M. Olivas & Ricardo Bustamante
Josefina Olmos
Amy Omuse
Kristan Opdahl
Sheryl D. Orange
Pilar Ortega
Raul Ortiz
Denise A. Ortman
Hugo and Candelaria Osorio
Alina Ossen
Nancy and David Ouch
Mayuko S. Owens
Herbell and Simara Pacheco
John and Jennifer Pacini
Nina and Dustin Paddock
Barbara N. Painter
Janice and Joshia Pais
Heather Pando
Anne Marie Pappania
Tejal and Anuj Parikh
William and Debra Parish
Joseph and Cristol Park
Youngmo Park
Troy Parkins & Kerry Pearce
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Parris
Janet Parsley
Zan Pascua
Maria Patino
Suzanne Patterson
Dolmecia Cox Paul
Gina and Roy Payo
Robert Peace
Carol B. Pearson
Sarah and Robert Penalora
John Pentecost
Maria and Juan Perez
Mayra and Alejandro Perez
Blanca Perez-Buenrrostro
Beatriz Perez-Chavez
Angeline Peries
Joseph C. Peron
Noel J. Perry
Angela N. Peters
Elvia Petersen
Mark and Jamie Peterson
Victoria and Timothy Peterson
Coralie A. Petrie
Phyllis Pietrangelo
Eugene and Gayle Plunkett
Zinyi and Allan Poe
John and Elisabeth Pollnow
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Pomphrey
Edna M. Ponce
Helen A. Pontarelli
William A. Porter
Douglas Potkins & Cheryl Cravedi
Mr. The Foster Family
Jeffrey and Carol Potter
Linsey and Kevin Potter
Dr. Frances Powell
Esther and Israel Prado
Linda Marie Primeau
Alan and Cynthia Prochaska
Edward and Martha Profumo
Alexandra Puente
Kandis C Pulliam
Mrs. Isabel Pulvers
Mariana Erika Quarrick & Stephen E. Quarrick, Jr.
Brian Queen
Luis Raya Quevedo
Erik Quintana & Jennifer E. Fox
Lauren and Donald Radcliff
Alma D. Ramirez & Victor Morales Gonzalez
Christine Ramirez
Concepcion and Elvira Ramirez
Kara and Eduardo Ramirez
Luis Ramirez
Marina Ramirez & Agustin Ramirez Chilel
Evelyn Ramos
Mario J. Ramos
Matthew and Vanapha Ramras
Loretta Range Salmon
Lonette S. Rappoport
Mollyann C. Read
Brad and Lorraine Reaume
Joseph and Raissa Reed
Whitney Reese
Octavia and Robert Reliford
Renee Y. Rener-Henderson
Deborah and Don Repella
Raul Rey & Shirley Coles
Enrique and Maria Reyes
Lisa and Alexander Reyes
Olive M. Reynolds
Guadalupe Reynoso
Julianne and Alfonso Reynoso
Joan and Harold Richardson
Richard and Heather Richardson
Scott and Rebecca RichardsonChristi L. Ricke
Michael and Phyllis Rickmn
Rosemarie Riley
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Rittenhouse
Erika L. Rivera
Jason and Sandra Roberts
Karen and Loren Roberts
Kathryn and Jeffrey Roberts
Terrence and Rita Roberts
Gwen Robertson & Eric Neel
Danny Robinson & Vanessa Smith-Robinson
Dylana Robinson
Inez Robinson
Judith Robinson
Socorro Rocha
John and Norma Rodarte
Alfonso and Ligia Rodriguez
Arthur and Alice Rodriguez
Johanna Gail Rodriguez
Jose V. Rodriguez & Patricia Palomo
Laura Rodriguez
Naki Rodriguez
Thomas Rogers
Thomas Deal and Emily Rogers, II
Amy Romero
Edy and Luz Romero
Julie and John Root
Richard Anthony Rosa
Omar and Marianne Rosado
Carlos Rosales
Jose Raymundo Rosales
Juan Rosales
Laura Rosales
Richard and Shoshana Rosenbaum
Adam C. Rosenkranz
Barbara Ross
Linda Ross & Bruce Krohn
Patricia Rossy
Xochitl and Daniel Rowady
Martha Rubio & Milton Ramos
Opal L. Ruff
Angie Ruiz
Isaias Ruiz-Garcia
Jhona and Richard Rupp
John and Pat Ruth
Ruth M. Ryan
Ann M. Ryder
Shushanik Safaryan
Peter and Greta Sagherian
Christopher Sailes
Rose Sailes
Astrid Salinas
Gloria Salinas
Sofia Salmeron
Ramon and Elissa San Juan
Ernest and Barbara Sanchez
Janny Bacani Sanchez
Lauren Sanchez
Maria M. Sanchez
Robert Sanchez
Michelle and Brett Sandberg
Dominic and Lisa Sandfrey
Christine and Cesareo Sandoval
Elsa Sandoval
Sandra Sandoval
Mary Jane Sands
James and Billie Sanford
Samesha Sanford
Amelia Estades Santaliz
Virginia Santos-Lopez
Harmik and Marisa Sarian
Sara Saribner
Armen Sarkissian
Robert and Marielena Sauer
Raymond and Tracy Scanlan
Benita and Dominic Scheckel
Brian and Stephanie Schiffer
Ms. Anna Marie Schmidt
Kimberly Schmidt
Brett and Linda Schraeder
Andi Schrock
Ms. Rosemary Schroeder
David and Charity Scott
Katherine N. Segura
Armando Segura-Sakamoto & Sonia Maria Castro De Segura
Tom and Janet Selinske
The Semaan Family
Lenore Sena
Asha Senanayake
Nancy A. Sensenbach
Veronica Serrano
Yanira and Francisco Serrano
Gabriela Serrano-Marias
Sally Seymour
Samuel and Barbara Sharp
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Shaw
Ken and Stacy Shaw
Patricia and Paul Shaw
Angela Shelley
Paula Shelley
Meredith Sherman
Benjamin and Jennifer Shin
Peter and Carmen Shutan
Kimberly and Robert Sibbrel
Peter and Marianne Siberell
Patrick and Carmen Silva
Gregorio E. Silverio
Gregory and Ellen Simon
Peter Wesley Simons
Isabel Simrak
Craig and Claudia Sindici
Sibelle Elys Singer
Christine Siriani
Tyrone and Trudell Skinner
Bonnie Skolnik
Barbara Skousen
Mary Skousen-Radford & William H. Radford
Brinell and Jonathan Slocumb
Barbara Smith
Brandon F. Smith
Peter Jon Smith
Ronald T. Smith
Ms. Sandy Solis
Antonieta M. Soriano
Karla V. Sornoza
Marylin Sotelo
James and Stephanie Sparks
Sharon Stadelhofer
Michael and Ivee Stassi
Scott and Janus Stechel
Evan and Mary Steinberg
James and Stella Stewart
Suzette M. Stewart
Amy Stipa
Kimberly A. Stone
Laurie and Richard Stone
Robert Stone
Kolby Story
Kennis and Gail Stowers
Mr. and Mrs. Leon D. Strand
Waldemar Strubinski
Bill and Linda Sturgeon
Lydee and Thanh Su
Jose and Kimberly Suarez
Maria Sulindro
Kenneth and Mindy Sumner
Susan Sun
Charlene Suneson
Dawn Suzuki
De Lee Suzuki
Danielle M. Svihovec-Mesquita
William and Patricia Sweet
Forrest and Ruth Switzer
Deborah Symons & David Galassi
Hasmig Tabakian
Leslie Tamppari
Seth and Van Tamrowski
Samantha Tan & Cary Chee
Linda Tang
Elias and Gloria Tango
James and Karen Tanner
Anthony Tapia
Jessica and Alexander Tatoian
George and Yvonne Tavera
Daryl J. Taylor
Derek L. Taylor & Shalika Rooks
Morgan Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor
Christina Tenario
Leulsesed Tesfaye & Fikir Tessema
Bennie Thomas, Jr.
Lenora Thompkins
Deloise Thompson
La Shawn Thompson & Diane K. Suzuki
Ruth E. Thompson
Tony and Susan Thompson
Michael J. Thoresen & Souzan Maleki
Dorothy and H. Carl Thorman
Kristina and Curt Thrailkill
Christine Thurstan
Ms. Grace Tiessen
Jamie David Todd
Gary and Irene Tokumoto
Laurie Jayne Toledo
Anne Tolentino
Carrie Torrence
Carolyn Torres
Teresa Totaro
Lori Touloumian
Humberto Tovar
Juana and Mario Tovar
Mayra and Jose Trejo
Mary Trunk & Paul Sanchez
Yung and Faithanne Truong
Qiang Tu
Dawna Tully
Scott and Lanette Turicchi
Deborah W. Turkington
Jack E. Turman, Jr. & Janet E. Miyashiro-Turman
Carol and Allan Turnbull
Judy and Steven Turner
Neal Turner
Palencia Turner
Mr. and Mrs. P.A. and S.A.  Tuttobene
Jennifer Unger
Shawna and Ryan Upp
Nerea Urgoiti & Steven M. Flores
Ngozi Uwagboi
Peggy S. Vaccaro
Sonia and Nicolas Valadez
George and Jennifer Valdiviez
H. Christina and Matthew Valentine
Jessica Springfield Valentine & R. Letitia GAyles-Pickett
Justin and Monica Van Duyne
Heather Van Meter
Carlos and Brenda Vargas
Joanne Vasquez
Melvin Vasquez
Roberto Vasquez
Angelica Vazquez
Francisco and Claudia Vazquez
Amie G. Vega
Felipe and Patty Velasco
Mara N. Velasco
Mirey Velasco
Reginald and Christine Velasco
Maria and Rafael Vera
Rafael and Guadalupe Vera
Kirsten Smith Verhagen
George and Patricia Vick
Pat and Chris Vidimos
Pat and Ed Vidimos
Elizabeth Villacis & Alvaro A. Espinoza
Lynne and Brian Villalobos
Ricardo and Lourdes Villaneda
David and Rene Villarreal
Alejanrdra Villegas
Troy Villery
John and Kristina Viray
Jessica Virgen
Leonard and Shirley Vogel
Barbara and David Volckmann
Paul and Katarina Voll
Kieu Voong
Thien An Vu
Gerard and Julie Vulgaris
Shelby Seldon Walker
Brenda M. Walkiewicz
Veramae Walsh
Raquel and Ted Walters
Patrik and Jeanette Walton
Hua Wang
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ward, Jr.
Ms. M. Joyce Waters
Kevin and Adelaida Watson
Douglas and Marsha Waugh
David and Allyson Way
Victor and Sheila Weetly
Amy M. Welch
Roxanne Wells
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Werner
Celeste West
Ms. Juanita West-Tillman
Sherry Wheelock
John Whitaker & Diana Morrison
Regina Whitcomb
Abby and Thomas White
Annie White
Judith F. White
Paula White
Ron and Roberta White
Patricia Wickhem
Steven and Jennifer Wiebe
Daniel and Susan Wier
Adam and Sonya Wierman
Carolyn Wiggins
Mr. and Mrs. Wiles
Debra Williams
Marcus Williams
Robert Lee Williams, Jr.
Bertha Bohannon Willis
Antoine and Monica Wilson
Jack B. Wilson
Nicolas Wilson
Terence and Kymberli Winter
Laura Wirth
Julia and Jeffrey Wong
Lane Wong
Charles Nelson Wood
Roger H. Wood
Jennifer M. Woods
Matthew Woods
Soozee and Robert Woods
Rita Woodson
Gregory and Marjorie Works
Tim Worman
Dawit Seid Woubu
Chao-Ping Wu & Susan H. Ioka
Lacie Wycoff
Gary Yamauchi
Fumihisa and Lorrie Yamazaki
Brian Yan & Jocelyn Manilay
Enrique and Irma Yanez
Seung and Sun Yang
Tommy and Joyce Yee
Mr. and Mrs. Karo Yegyan
Veronica Yepez-Madrid & Mark Madrid
Leonor M. Yoro
Xiaohua Yu & Clayton Okino
Michael S. Yung
Renee I. Zajac
Ms. Lizandro Zavala
Dolores Zawol
Cristy and Mike Zink
Sarkis and Vartouhi Zmrukhtyan
Alicia A. ZubiJoan B. Zukoski
Catharina A. Zwaans